Submit your UL requirements to UL@Label.com

Link to our UL Certification. https://iq.ul.com/ul/cert.aspx?ULID=100094961

Link to our BN-xx Label construction list and approved substrates :(UL “Yellow “Cards) iQ.UL.com/Labels/ then enter MH13000 at the File Number box.

We are File # MH13000 Bradley Nameplate

UL 969 Certified Materials
  • We use materials produced by 3M and Flexcon that have been certified by UL.
  • Data sheets are available on request.
  • These materials are tested by UL and certified as meeting the specifications stated on their data sheets. All four million plus labels and panels we produce each year use UL certified materials, primarily Polyester, Polycarbonate and Aluminum.


Printing of the UL Mark (logo) PGAA Type R
  • Bradley Nameplate is authorized to print the UL Logo on your label when UL has approved your drawing showing the UL Logo on your label or a UL document stating approval. Receive the UL stamp on your drawing through your UL agent and present it to us for quotation and printing.


Marking and Labeling Systems PGDQ2, PGDQ8
  • These are specific label constructions that UL may require for your product.
  • We have 14 approved constructions which are tested annually by UL to assure compliance, we can obtain additional constructions to meet your need.
  • When your UL Compliance Engineer requires a PGDQ2 Label, we can recommend the applicable choice.
  • Email UL@Label.com for assistance or phone 510-249-1350


The most popular and useful PGDQ2 Durable Labels are:
    • BN – 3 and BN – 10: .002 White Polyester with Gloss or Matte lamination.
    • BN – 3A: .002 White Polyester with .003 Polycarbonate Velvet lamination
    • BN – 2 and BN – 9: .002 Matte Silver Polyester with Gloss or Matte Lamination.


  • BN – 4A For Panels and Ultra-Durable Labels including Roof top labels for Solar:
  • 005 to .020 Polycarbonate with 3M 468 Adhesive