Bradley is a job shop which utilizes a wide variety of custom materials and processes it has acquired from over the years. The above list is a sampling of what Bradley can do, which is too wide of a range to list on our website. But even if we are unable to provide you with what you need, we can certainly steer you in the right direction as to where to find it. Give us a call or send us an email so we can help you satisfy your current project.


Labels and decals are used in almost every industry in the world. From the machine that produces the product, to the package it’s sold in, to the product itself. Everything needs to be labeled.

Let Bradley help you navigate the endless options that exist when creating your product’s label or decal. Our experience lets us help you decide what options are the best fit for your current project, while ensuring you receive the highest quality label.

Custom sizes and shapes are our specialty. We can create a custom die to your exact specifications. You design the shape, and we’ll cut it. You’ll get the shape you’re looking for quickly and cost effectively. With our custom tool and die cutting stations at your disposal, Bradley can save you time and money with all of your die production needs.

Bradley supplies labels and decals to a wide array of industries, so you can be confident we’ve had experience with creating solutions for your specific needs.
Give us a call to discuss the best options for you.


Anodized aluminum labels and nameplates can be used where long life, abrasion and solvent resistance are required, and are particularly suitable for information plates requiring serial numbers and other important data to be permanently marked.

Such labels regularly withstand the rigors of industrial, marine and military environments. A selection of adhesives is available, as well as piercing and profiling.

Whether its a simple nameplate or a more


Bradley has provided the leading electronic and semiconductor manufacturers with the highest quality of electrical insulators. Bradley has experience in crafting kapton, polymide, mylar, nomex, phenolics, teflon, vulcanized fibres, silicones and numerous customer supplied and called out materials. Bradley’s high tolerance and precise tooling will produce that clean insulator to prevent any unwanted current leakage as per your specifications.

Having worked with numerous engineers in the Silicon Valley on countless projects, let Bradley help navigate you through any design concerns you may have and suggest material equivalencies based on 35 years of experience and customer support.


Bradley specializes in the production of pre-printed barcode and variable data labels; including simple retail barcode labels, such as a UPC code, sequentially numbered barcodes and even more complex serial number labels that may include hexadecimal or custom data.


Bradley uses a range of barcode printing technologies including thermal transfer and laser for variable data and foil stamped or flexography for fixed data. Bradley produces all traditional barcode types including QR and Datamatrix codes.

Whether simplistic or complex, multicolored or single, dynamic numbered or static, Bradley will produce the barcode labels you need.



Bradley has an eco-friendly large format printing service that’s sure to get your business noticed. Whether you need retail posters to promote a sale or a show stopping trade show graphic Bradley Nameplate can help.

Bradley prints signage posters and banners utilizing the latest large format printers, matched inks and durable media to produce stunning photo realistic, full color digital printed banners, posters and promotional signage. Bradley’s team of experienced staff ensures you’re provided with expert advice, fast delivery and affordable prices on all your large format digital printing requirements.

Laser Cutting

Bradley offers a high precision laser cutting service to provide you with new possibilities for efficient component manufacture. Our industry leading laser cutting equipment, combined with our highly skilled, customer motivated staff allows us to provide you with world class service.

Laser cutting is the most accurate method of cutting and can be used on a whole range of materials. Our advanced equipment and high performance, computer controlled productions are perfect for any laser application from cutting to engraving and marking.


Asset Tags

Many organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition and status of their fixed assets. Asset labels are an easy way of recording and identifying valuable equipment. They are secure identification labels and plates in a wide range of materials and styles, with a permanent adhesive, personalized with company name, logo, sequential numbering/barcode and then applied to equipment.

Protect your valuable assets with permanent visual security markings and asset tag identification. Bradley’s asset labels and security labels are an easy way to record and identify your valuable equipment with your name and individual numbering. Aluminum and steel plates suitable for harsh and industrial environments with withstand chemicals, abrasion and high temperatures.

Bradley will assist you in selecting the proper materials that are best suited for your valuable equipment.