Not sure what to use?

Tell us how the item will be used and we will advise and assist with creating a drawing.

Art files: send us what you have. Preference is Adobe Illustrator and or a PDF file.

If there is a question about fit, we will provide a first article or cut blank.

  • Membrane Switch and Control Panel Assemblies

    Instrument Graphics, now a division of Bradley Nameplate Corporation has produced Membrane Switch Assemblies since 1980. With our engineering expertise, experience and wide breadth of capabilities, from initial design to full production, we provide reliable high value products. .
    Our 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility allows us to perform all operations in-house and to the most stringent industrial standards. ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

    Engineering – Silver Circuits – LCD/LED Dead Front Windows Tactile Feedback – Embossing – Studs, Mounting Hardware and more.

  • Panels

    Most common are .010 inch polycarbonate sub-surface printed and with one of a variety of 3M adhesives.

    Thickness range is .005 to .030 thick.

    Features include dead front, embossing, LED windows, keypads, complex die cuts and colors matched to your specification.

    Material choices include Velvet, Matte, Brush, Gloss, Fire Retardant and UV (used for roof solar installations).

  • Labels — Rolls

    Typically .002 Polyester, White or Matte Silver.

    Other Label Materials to suit various needs including
    Removable, Textured, Brush, Tamperproof, Destructible
    Polycarbonate, Polypropylene , Vinyl, Paper, Polyimide
    (Kapton) used for high temperature or to survive solder baths.

    The durable materials we use are UL certified supplied by 3M and Flexcon.

    Features and use include barcode, QR code, asset, removable, tamper proof, consecutive numbering and UL compliance Labels.

    The following Laminations provide almost perfect protection from abrasion, solvents and chemicals.

    • Polyester Lamination, Gloss or Matte.
    • Gloss UV polyester lamination is recommended for outdoor service.
    • 003” or .005” 8B35 Velvet Finish Polycarbonate
    • Crystal Clear Epoxy Dome dome

    Domed labels have a crystal clear dome lens about .06 inches high (1.5mm). Guaranteed for five years outdoors without changing appearance.

    The finish passes 170 degrees F for 5 days, 5 days humidity, cabinet, salt spray, cleaning solutions, and brief exposure to gasoline. Attractive and remains attractive.

  • Labels — Singles, Strips, Sheets, Label Groups

    Typically polycarbonate .005” to .030 inch or other durable material with 3M 468 Adhesive or other 3M adhesive. Polycarbonate choices include UV (outdoor) stable, Fire Retardant, Gloss, Brush or Textured Finish.

    • img-04
    • All of the labels for a product on one carrier

  • Nameplates

    (Really just another form of a label)

    Nameplates are usually aluminum .003 to .032” with a variety 3M adhesives or mounting holes. We can serialize or include the variable data. Consider using a Polycarbonate Label, they tend to outperform Aluminum.

  • Die Cut Components

    • Laser – Digital – Steel Rule -Rotary
    • Insulators – Spacers – Gaskets – Adhesive Pads – Shields
    • Formax – Polycarbonate – Polyester – VHB – UHA – Foam – Polyimide – Kapton – Phenolic – Copper – Aluminum – Nomex – and more.

    Our high tolerance and precise tooling will produce a product to meet your needs. Sizes from tiny to huge, our largest, 5 feet by 6 feet, smallest .080 inches x .400 inches.

    We can fabricate up to several inches thick.

    Forward your drawing to for pricing.

  • More and Gallery

    • We can print directly on your Case, Panel or Product with outdoor durable ink.
    • Print and or Cut, Fabricate Acrylic and other materials up to 48 x 96 inches or more.
    • Signage, mostly indoor.
    • Samples from over fifteen years ago. Our die cut components and panels have gone into space on NASA missions. A product containing our panel was displayed at the White House, so we were told. The vinyl label with the Golden Gate Bridge was printed in 1977. Tough job then, easy now.

    Yes we do work for NASA, our die cut components have gone into space.


    This item was printed on .010 Polycarbonate and precision cut to .24 inches x 73.5 inches.

    • Wall Covering 65 inches x 40 inches

    • Our Lobby Wall Covering 126 inches x 26 inches