The UL Mark

is a registered certification mark and may be only used on or in connection with products certified by UL and under the terms of written agreement with UL. The RU certification component mark (backwards UR) does not require a stamped drawing but it is recommended that the label information to be printed is reviewed for correctness by your UL label engineer.


UL Marking and UL Labeling Systems

are also tested as a component by UL. These UL approved nameplates are completely recognized label constructions (not simply raw material). Bradley has some unusual capabilities that are UL recognized. These include a polycarbonate UL sticker (that can be digitally printed with bar codes) for outdoor use and a printed adhesive system for economical zoned adhesive applications on custom UL approved graphic overlays.

Authorized Supplier

The link below verifies that Bradley Nameplate Corporation is an Authorized Label Supplier, provides a copy of the UL Confirmation Letter stating such, and calls out the UL and CSA approved constructions for Bradley Nameplate. Additional approvals are regularly added due to unique requests and requirements specified for customer products.

Confirmation Letter