Bradley Nameplate offers customers the latest digital printing technology (up to 1440 dpi) for low volume prototypes; ideal for new product development that requires either a digital overlay or dimensional specifications.

This technology also allows us to deliver on very tight timescales. For instance, digital overlays have been turned around in just 24 hours (subject to the design).

This service can also apply to vinyl cut graphics, resin domed labels, new and highly accurate color matching, kiss cutting, perforations, and serialization on labels.

This innovative printing system is also particularly suited for proofing all types of printed graphics. Its major advantage is that modifications to the label can be easily undertaken without the cost of redesigning tooling.

Bradley Nameplate has a full in-house computerized color matching system. Each color formula is custom matched for the customer and is stored with a swatch of the custom color for consistency and repeatability.

This computerized system enables the capability to reproduce any color on almost any substrate. In addition to this, UV Technology is offered where the consistency of more than one job on a unit is critical. Phosphorescent and Metallic blends can also be taken advantage of if required.


Bradley Nameplate has worldwide drop shipping capabilities and extensive experience with shipping systems around the globe. Bradley will manufacture your parts and then ship those items directly to your buyers.

Having worked with dozens of label brokers, Bradley is also posed to "blind ship" products if requested. Using this form of private label drop shipping would allow customers to see your company’s name on the return label of the shipment, not Bradley’s.

Great labels start with great art. With over 35 years of experience and the latest design tools, each member of the Bradley Nameplate staff is a custom label expert. While you may have had your product label professionally designed, Bradley will help you get the labels you've envisioned.

When you send in your artwork, the Pre-Press department will review your file to make sure it’s ready for press and help resolve any issues before printing.

Bradley accepts all of the common file types used to create artwork and can quickly build or rework any unusable art into a press ready file. Whether from a CAD drawn mechanical file or off a worn cocktail napkin, Bradley will transform your concept art into a physical product.


Provide Bradley your PO# and either tracking info or a status will be sent back to you ASAP

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Please note that it can take up to 24 hours before tracking information is updated on the shipping carrier's website.

Bradley is committed to providing superior quality products that meet or exceed customers requirements and government regulations. Bradley suppliers are required to certify that the products purchased meet the RoHS directives and when a customer specifically requests constructions that use noncompliant products they are offered compliant alternatives.

The RoHS directives and their companion WEEE legislation were drafted to prevent the massive increase of electronic waste entering Europe's landfills. RoHS attacks the problem at the beginning of a products life cycle ensuring that environmentally harmful substances are eliminated from the production of electronic equipment.

WEEE attacks the problem at the end of a products life cycle by encouraging recycling and making manufacturers responsible for the collection and disposal of the products they produce.

It is the goal of Bradley Nameplate to be prepared for any future regulations both in the US and abroad, to ensure that all products are RoHS compliant and are of the high quality and caliber Bradley customers have come to expect.