Bradley’s capabilities are constantly growing in order to meet the ever evolving demands of the industries and markets we specialize in. Our large range of production equipment and years of experience enables us to select the most cost-effective way to produce your product, while maintaining the highest level of quality.


Bradley can offer clients the benefit of a complete prototyping service, using our state-of-the-art equipment, including laser cutting and digital printing technology. A prototype helps to speed up the design lead time and ensure that the form, fit and function of the product satisfies your specifications.

Artwork Design

For printed graphics our Prepress Department will provide an accurate, color-calibrated print-ready PDF proof for approval before proceeding to production. This ensures that any issues are identified at the earliest opportunity and our highly trained specialists can perform any changes, if required.

Color Matching

Bradley Nameplate has a full in-house computerized balanced color matching system. Each color formula is custom matched for the customer and is stored with a swatch of the custom color for consistency and repeatability.

Screen Printing

Bradley’s complete screen printing department includes both manual and high-speed automatic presses. We have presses of various sizes to produce everything from tight tolerance overlay panels to large warning labels for equipment. All of this is supported by our post printing department which is capable of doming, embossing, stamping, slitting, laminating and diecutting.

Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil labels, normally supplied on rolls, are suitable for many applications and provide excellent value for money. They are available in a variety of materials including self-adhesive vinyls, papers and polyesters. Specialties include tamper-evident and ultra-destructible products. Hot foil labels can be printed with variable information including serial numbers and barcodes. For maximum protection against abrasion, the labels are typically over-laminated with a clear film.


Flexo is a relief printing process, where the image to be printed is raised away from the non-printed areas. Recent improvements in the flexographic printing process have raised the print quality to the same level as more expensive offset lithographic printing. This, together with the very wide range of possible substrates, has resulted in a rapidly growing demand for flexographic printing. The process is fast and the print quality excellent making it the ideal solution for any label from added value through to high volume commodity products.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is ideal for prototyping, variable data printing, personalization, customization, label proofing, quick response, and low quantities. Combine this with the full range of embellishments that are possible in our finishing department, and digital printing becomes a very attractive alternative for short to medium run lengths..

Specialty Markings

Bradley Nameplate has access to hundreds of symbols and agency marks that you can incorporate into your label upon ordering. Bradley will help you find the standard graphics necessary to use with your label and will follow the guidelines of the respective agencies where possible. Ultimately the customer is liable for proof of compliance.


Bradley has a variety of laminates that can be applied fully or selectively to the face, double sided or completely encapsulate the printed piece. Laminate finishes include a variety of gloss levels, matt, and texture giving protection against abrasion and/or heat.

Laser Cutting

For prototypes and production runs that do not justify expensive tooling. Nameplates or labels can also be imaged using a laser cutting process.

Complex Die Cutting

High quality computer cut graphic products are used for custom insulators, gaskets or advertising your company name with a distinctive image. We work with premium acrylics, vinyls and hundreds of custom materials in a wide variety of colors.


Tooling is used to form a desired shape into a variety of materials. A number of different processes require tooling; sometimes highly intricate and precise tools for metal punching and bending. We offer a large number of standard sizes, but will build and store custom dies you’re your request.

Metal Stamping

With a variety of punching and stamping equipment, we can shear, punch or shape light gauge aluminum, brass and other metals for use as nameplates or decorative trim. We carry a large selection of standard punch tools.

Die Cutting

Our wide range of precision die-cutting capabilities ensures that your components are manufactured precisely and efficiently. Our in-house die cutting equipment consists of cylinder, clam-shell and four-post presses offering steel rule die cutting, kiss cutting and embossing. Precision equipment assures production parts for high tolerances


Translation services range from simple translations to corporate terminology interpreting to multilingual. With our network of qualified and experienced translators and interpreters, we are able to provide you with quick and accurate results for your translation needs.

Drop Shipping

Bradley Nameplate has worldwide drop shipping capabilities and extensive experience with shipping systems around the globe. Bradley will manufacture your parts and then can “blind ship” those items directly to your buyers.